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Get Paid to Install Solar Panels in California

Reduce Electricity Bills

95% of our clients witness a drastic reduction in their electricity bills, starting from the very first month of installation.

Get an Extra $500 in Cash

Upon successful installation, you get an extra $500 in cash as a token of our appreciation for choosing solar energy.

Absolutely Free Installation

You don’t have to pay anything to get your solar installed. It’s covered. All you have to do is make the choice of going solar.

Who We Are

Trusted Provider for Solar Panels!

We install solar panels for your home for FREE. We have the highest-tech solar panels that help save you thousands on electricity costs as you choose clean energy. And you don’t have to pay a dime for the equipment or installation.

You must be the homeowner and have a credit score of 650+. If you meet these requirements, we are happy to become your energy provider.

Sunrun Systems

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Let's connect and talk about your solar requirements. Don't worry, our team will help you figure it out.


Go Solar for FREE

Our team will ensure hassle-free solar panel installation at your home, free of cost, of course.


Get $500

And once it's installed, you will get $500 in cash from us as an appreciation for choosing clean energy.

Here is Why You Should Choose Us

We are the only company that offers free equipment and installation of solar panels. And when we say free, we totally mean it.

Timely Installation

Timely Installation

Just because we are free doesn’t mean we take forever to install solar panels for you. We have a quick turnaround time and quick installation services.

High-Quality Equipment

High-Quality Equipment

We keep ourselves updated with modern solar equipment and high-tech solutions to bring your electricity bills down from the first month.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

All our equipment comes with a full warranty. We cover your systems maintenance. You will never pay a dime for repairs.

Excellent Reviews

Excellent Reviews

We have successfully installed solar panels for 870,000+ customers across the country and have received 98% positive reviews from home owners for our solar panels.

Power Production

Power Production

More than 95% of our users witness reduced electricity bills and massive power production. That’s a win for us and you.

Paying You for the Switch

Paying You for the Switch

And apart from the benefits, we are the only solar company that rewards you with $500 for switching to clean energy.

What's the Catch?

And if you are wondering what’s in it for us, let us clear that up for you. We just want to be your energy provider. But let’s be honest, it’s a no-brainer offer! You’re reducing your energy bill, helping the environment by using clean solar energy, and we are literally paying you cash to make the switch.

As long as you are the homeowner and you have a credit score of 650 or higher, we would love to work with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once we have successfully installed the solar equipment in your residential space and have it running, you will receive $500. Please keep in mind that we shall pay you within 10-15 business days of successful installation.

Even if you sell your house, you are liable to complete 25 years with us as your solar provided. We work with properties not owners, so even if the owner changes, your home will have as us as the solar provider. 

A lot of things affect how well-suited your home is for solar, including where your home is, the angle of your roof, how much shade it gets throughout the day, and how old your home is.

Our solar advisors can help you determine if your home is a good fit for solar at the moment. They’ll run a custom analysis of your home with our proprietary solar design technology, BrightPath,™ and they’ll get a sense for your energy needs.

Every household is different. When determining the number of solar panels your home needs, consider the following questions:

How much power do I need? Check your electric bills to see how many kilowatt hours (kWhs) you use throughout the year. We’ll go over this with you in detail during your free solar consultation to figure out just how much power your panels will need to produce.

What’s your climate like? The number of panels you need depends on how much sun reaches the ground where you are.

How much direct sun hits your roof? Shading, which direction your roof faces, and any aesthetic preferences you have can impact how big your system needs to be.

At Sunrun, we have proprietary solar design technology called BrightPath™ to help us create a customized system that maximizes energy production better and faster than if we did it by hand.

Your historical electricity usage allows us to design a custom solar system that is the right size for your home.

Electricity usage varies from person to person and from season to season. That’s why we request a full year of your electricity bills so we can build a system that’s right for you.

Your sales consultant is trained to review a year’s worth of usage data so we can get the full picture. Energy usage can change with the seasons so we look at 12-months of data to best understand your home’s usage patterns and needs.

We customize your home solar system by taking into account your past usage, the available roof space and your design preferences to make sure the system will work for you and your home.

We start with your historical usage and design a solar system that will provide you with the right amount of power based on how much you normally use.

Then we look at your roof via satellite imagery to see how many panels can fit on each roof plane, keeping in mind that south-facing roofs are the best for solar.

We verify our measurements and system design with a site survey, a visit to your home to check the roof and your main electrical panel.

Finally, we reconfirm our final design with you so you know exactly what it will look like and how much electricity you’ll receive from solar.

If you want to learn about the efficiency of your panels or review what the equipment will look like for your specific home, talk to your sales consultant.

Each home is different, and the equipment we install can vary from house to house. In general, here’s what you can expect.

1) Solar panels
Solar panels convert sunlight into direct current electricity (DC).

2) Inverter
Your inverter tells energy where to flow and converts it into alternating current electricity (AC), so it can be used in your home.

3) Sunrun meter
Solar production is measured and monitored by your Sunrun meter so we can make sure your system is producing as much energy as possible.

There are also a few pieces of equipment that you already have at your home that are connected to the solar system.

4) Main electrical panel
Your electrical panel distributes AC electricity to your entire home. You probably know it by its other name, “Fuse Box.”

5) Utility meter
When the sun is shining, you may get all of your energy from solar, but due to things like weather, winter and nighttime, you will still have to buy some energy the old-fashioned way. Your utility meter measures how much energy comes from and goes to the grid.

The process of having the solar system installed on your roof can be relatively quick — many Sunrun installations are completed in one day.

Before our crew comes to your house, it takes several weeks to prepare your project so that you have the smoothest installation day possible. Whenever possible, we’ll do the work for you, and we’ll keep you updated along the way. Here’s what we’ll do:

Conduct a site survey to look at your roof, attic and electrical panel
Finalize your custom design
Apply for permits and wait for approval
Collect other necessary approvals and documentation that is specific to your neighborhood (such as HOA approval)

When it comes time to install the system, we’ll let you know how long the construction process will take for your home and what you can do to prepare.

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    Pomona, CA

    “Sunrun was a very easy company to do business with from customer service, project manager, installers and inspectors. The installers were very friendly and professional.”


      Broomfield, CO

      “I’ve had my Sunrun system for two years now... no issues and super happy with the process. We get clean, renewable energy for our house at a lower cost than the utility.


        Erie, CO

        “Everything from the initial designs to the team on site was solid. We have a friend who has been in the solar industry for the past 23 years, and he spoke highly of Sunrun’s equipment. We’re seeing what we're producing versus what we would have paid."


          Thousands Oaks, CA

          “Sunrun gave us the most helpful information and they were very thorough. They were always right there to help us and answer any questions thoroughly. They did a magnificent job.”

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